Lars Holmström is a Finnish artist based in Tampere, Finland. During his over 40-year career Lars has become known for his architectural use of form and colour. He is considered as one of the most important constructivist artists in Finland whose geometric and intense style reflect his never-ending avant-gardist thinking.

Throughout his career Holmström has always searched for novel ways to express his interest in space and time through using techniques such as serigraphy, digital graphics, three-dimensional sculptures and paint on canvas.


Project LH ARTLOAD is a tribute to my father and his over 40-year long career as a contemporary artist. It is about art and creating new life to one-off one art pieces through different expressions and forms, to be attainable and present to wider audience. It is known that art can bring you joy and colours can give you energy and for us that is absolute truth. Art can make you wonder, think and believe.

Project LH ARTLOAD sprang to life out of curiosity. This is an ongoing creative experiment and a product of imagination. This is an ART way of life.